Before the setting up of the National Heritage Fund, the heritage of Mauritius was managed under the Ancient Monuments Act of 1944, which was updated in 1985 through the National Monuments Act.  In an attempt to develop the concept of management of National Heritage, the National Heritage Trust Fund Act was passed in 1997 and it finally became the National Heritage Fund Act in 2003.

The National Heritage Fund operates under the ageis of the Ministry of Arts and Culture and its vision, mission and objectives are as follows:


“Our Vision for Heritage in Mauritius is to develop a sense of belonging by caring for the past and bequeathing it to the future”.


“To identify, valorize and promote our National Heritage”.


  • To safeguard, manage and promote the national heritage of Mauritius;
  • To preserve the national heritage sites as a source material for scientific and cultural investigation and as an enduring basis for the purposes of development, leisure, tourism and enjoyment of present and future generations worldwide; and
  • To educate and sensitize the public on cultural values, national heritage and to instill a sense of belonging and civic pride with respect to national heritage.